Dec 30, 2019: Stock

It’s getting to that time when you start to look back at the year you’ve had and wonder how you can do better next year.

And every year I write a blog post that next year is going to be great, that I’m going to focus on the things I want to do and the things that are important to me. And every year I get to this point and I look back and it’s a car crash of failures on that front.

2019 saw me buy a new fancy computer I could use for streaming on Twitch and/or Mixer and recording videos – I have done neither of those things throughout the entire year, despite setting off with the best of intentions. I did more of that on the laptop which was woefully underpowered for that particular job the previous year!

We had plans to make a bake a different bread every week, and a cook a different soup every week. That fell apart after about two months.

With great intentions comes great ability to not follow through. It just takes one missed week and you’re derailing yourself>

So next year… here we go… will be better.

The soups are back on – we have a massive recipe collection of soups now so there’s no excuse. Plus an amazing way of freezing them in handy-dandy portions using a muffin tin. So we are winning the soup game next year.

The recipe books are going to be used – all of them – each and every one. As recording in a spreadsheet that I alluded to yesterday. And any that haven’t been used are leaving the house as they clearly don’t fit our needs. Excitingly, if we follow this through – and we have to so I don’t have to list this as a failure at the end of next year – one of them is about absolutely awesome cake decorating. So that’ll be fun. Modelling chocolate, fondant and nonsense awaits. As well as, you know, meals and stuff.

We’re going to play every board game we own. Which is exciting because we have a lot that I bought during Amazon’s Prime weekend that we have not yet touched. And we are subscribed to a board game crate service so we get two new games every month. Plus whatever else we fancy during the year – I suspect Azul’s other additions will be entering the house at some point over the next year. Again, there’s a spreadsheet involved which will also tally wins for the year. I can just default set mine to zero, don’t even need to put a formula in place – unless I make it flash up a warning box that says “You appear to have entered a win for Jake. Is this correct? YES/NO”.

I’m going to stream and I’m going to record. And no-one will watch them. But no-one reads these either and I still do them. So I’m going to do it. I will sit and talk to myself on the internet during the year, because why not. I’m playing the games anyway, it’s literally two wires and a button press to get things streamed.

My biggest challenge, though, for the forthcoming year is to get Carole to drink all the sachets of hot chocolate she made me get in a weekly shop some time ago before they all go out of date. The same with any jelly that she asks for. That’s harder than a soup and bread every week, using every cook book, playing every game and using the computer for what I got it for combined.

I’ll take tomorrow to prepare!