Jan 2, 2020: Game

Thursday night is games night, as we know.

We were all set to go, but a couple of dropouts from our five-some meant that we’d be a few players short and in severe danger of being saddled with the troubling member of the game group we play in. So we didn’t go.

And I have never been more glad of anything.

I am, basically, dead on my feet. Knackered. Exhausted.

I will have worked something close to sixty hours between Friday and the end of tomorrow. With the exception of today, I have been at work – for most of the day – every day since Christmas.

I’m bloody knackered.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But it’s exhausting when you’re done at 10pm and in again at 10am.

So games night was off, and we treated ourselves to a couple of games at home.

Azul came out, and I won. I broke the curse of the gaming table where I have won NOTHING since we bought it. I won a game. I lost three in a row yesterday, and the first one today. But I still won. And that’s all that matters.

We need never play the game again. Ever. I am happy with that.

We played an Exit game as well, but our brains were not engaged properly for that one as we failed miserably at ridiculously simple puzzles, resorting to the hints which may as well have just said “THICKO” across them in big letters.

But we escaped at least.

We’re currently half-way through the tutorial stage of Marvel Champions, our first foray into it as a two-some and it has provided some very glazed over looks from Carole. But we’re getting there. It’s saved in the table. mid-game, to be returned to and completed because Carole was baffled and bamboozled enough for the night.

I think we might win it though, so take that stupid cursed table.

I quite fancy taking Time Stories for a spin next…

Or Fallout