Jan 7, 2020: Kids

I’ve seen off my disease, more or less.

I am, once again, a functioning member of society. Although my head is heavy, still, and I didn’t quite make it through a trip out today without wishing I’d dosed up on something just to see me right.

But I’m done.

Illness be gone. Out damn spot, and all that.

And this might be the remnants of my disease speaking, or just general old age but


I went into town this morning to run a game for new starters at work, or a new starter or… ah who knows but new starters anyway. It went on a little bit longer than we thought as we kept adding on time to ensure that they played the game all the way through, but urgency was very much not the watchword this morning. In fact, in all the interviews we’ve done like this, I think only the once that Andy and myself got through – the very first one – has actually been a legitimate victory within the normal confines of the game.

Anyway, we did that. And then I came home.

I was on the twenty to three bus, and before the clock struck three there were swathes of school children walking along the pavements. Before three. What the frick, people?

When I was at school we didn’t used to get out until 3.45, and yet here are this lot swanning around from 3pm. Before 3pm even – enough before that they could be that distance from the school by 3pm.

It’s bloody disgraceful is what it is.

They don’t even have proper CBBC or CITV to try and get home in time for. Bloody hell, the number of times you’d finish school and pray to whatever overlord tickled your fancy that the buses were on time so that you could get home in time for Knightmare, or Children’s Ward or whatever.

Now they finish at 3pm, none of that good stuff’s on and even if it was they could just iPlayer it anyway.

I’m not saying kids today have it easy but… I mean, come on, there’s barely any risk of any of them being run over if they finish that early. That means none of them have the joys of high vis strips being sewn onto coats, hats or gloves.