Jan 10, 2020: Oops

We had a plan, tonight, to have tea and crack on with playing a game – in this case Time Stories, which we lovingly set out in the Sexy Table Of Gaming last night.

That was the plan. There was every chance, it being a Friday, that I would be called into work and the plan would collapse. We knew that.

That didn’t happen. Instead Netflix happened. And then The Goes Wrong Show happened. And then Carole was in bed and nothing was being played.

We can’t even really account for what went wrong. Maybe we were late with tea or something but we watched TV a bit and then some more and… boom – time gone. Ironically, giving we planned to play a game about time travel.

We’ve not played much at all this year, in fact. Mainly just repeated Azuls. But I’ve won one now, so that never needs to be played again. Ever.

We must try harder. We’ve got off to a great start with the cookbooks, albeit with some not particularly nice recipes, but we’ve stalled on the games.

Time Stories is still in the table though – and we know there are expansions to play if we like it (and also ones to avoid if we like it too!). We just need to get time to play it.

Next week, hopefully. Unless we can harness the tech in the game, in which case… yesterday.