Jan 11, 2020: Ten

Ah Saturday night, post-Christmas in Huddersfield.

It’s only the dedicated drunks you really get at this time of year. The ones who have to go out on a Saturday night regardless of their financial situation, or the weather or whatever.

Town is pretty dead apart from these stalwarts of the pint glass.

Guess which bus they get home?

There’s currently an Irish guy offering people chocolate and regailing them with stories about spending Christmas working on a wind farm. And something about Mick Jagger. I don’t know if he was working on the wind farm as well, but he’s definitely been mentioned.

There’s also a fish and chip shop with ten year old fish in it. And something about the property market. It’s a lot to take in. And he’s not even talking to me. He’s siddling up to some woman who was in the bus shelter at a jaunty lean.

And now he’s missed his stop.

Too many wind farm stories, not enough paying attention to where he is.

That’s what you get, this early in the year. The dedicated drunks who, alongside Mick Jagger, keep our renewable wenergy infrastructure turning.

Still, there *must* be other buses they could get…