Jan 13, 2020: Time

Like a well-oiled machine, we popped the lid off the gaming table in double-quick time this evening and embarked on our first dabble with Time Stories.

And we sucked balls at it.

But then, I think you’re supposed to. I think that’s the point. There’s no way you can complete it in one run. It’s impossible. I mean, I’m fairly sure it’s hard as nails in any number of runs, relying on timely dice rolls to see you through without spending all of your time units of stupid things likes getting a plunger for a crazy person.

We still don’t know what it does, but the cost to find out suggests it’s all just bullshit.

But we made some in-roads into the mysteries of the game scenario, and we’ll be better prepared for a second run. Not that we will be able to remember anything in particular, I’m sure. But the theory is there. And that’s all that matters.

And, more importantly, it was a game played. Which is another tick on the things to do this year list.

And when that’s on a day where we’ve used another of our many cook books and made a soup as well, that’s a positive result. Even if we did run out of time on a run through a French Mental Asylum, where Carole released a violent loon from his bed and was then, a mere few turns later, eaten by a winged lion.

You have to find the positive in every situation.

The lion thing is a bit tricky, but everything else is positive.

And we put a few pieces together in the Mensa jigsaw which has been resting in the bowels of the gaming table since Boxing Day, taunting us with its Mensa-y-ness.

If we set up another game on top of it – a bit of Fallout, I think, for some juicy multi-houred (hopeful) fun – then the jigsaw will be inaccessible and won’t mock us for our inability to join together wavy lines (which is all the jigsaw consists of) with any great speed.