Jan 14, 2020: Rice

The first bin empty of the New Year is always exciting. Everyone’s bin is overflowing, people are sneaking stuff into each other’s bins. And more importantly, the turkey carcass that’s been festering since Christmas can finally leave on its journey to Valhalla.

Going to reclaim your bins afterwards is exciting too. Because they’re fuller than the norm, they’re more densely packed so don’t empty as well as normal.

Mrs Next Door’s bin, for example, weighed a ton after emptying. I know this as I wheeled it out of the way so I could get out of our gate. I assume it has half her rubbish still in it, but as she’s not had a special council team in to empty it (she does love things to be just so, and enjoys a good conplain to an authority) it equally wouldn’t surprise me if it was half full of cat litter so that her bin doesn’t smell.

Our bin, randomly, looks like it’s attended a wedding.

It’s just full of rice.

Well, not full, but enough rice to cover the bottom of the bin, and coat the sides. And, even better than that, the rice is slowly absorbing any bin juice or moisture in the air. Like we’re making a bin juice risotto.

We havent thrown any rice away. Where the fudge has it come from? Who throws away a nearly full bag of rice, but not in any kind of sealed container- just an open bag of rice scattered to the bin winds.

Soaking up all the manky water.

Getting mankier as it goes on.


And clinging to the sides. For ever.

There’s nothing more resistant to change than damp rice.