Jan 16, 2020: Games

Games Night.

Whoop whoop.

Our first proper games night of the decade found us returning to the corridors of whatever the house is called in Betrayal in a story of derring do involving a man called Victor and a monster.

A story in which none of us were the traitor, and the game worked against us to try and defeat our plans of finding sanctuary for a monster.

A story in which I rolled incredibly badly, but which we still came out of on top. We won. We bested a haunt. As a cohesive team. And Carole, having made the winning move, became the owner of the house that no-one ever paid for, we just stumbled upon several chapters ago, fought each other for, and have owned between us ever since.

But our return to Betrayal was short-lived, as we’re already finding ourselves unable to play it for the next couple of weeks with other things just bloody well getting in the way.

We also had a dabble at Sushi Roll. A game which Carole watched a Let’s Play video of some time ago and hated with a passion. And then she played it tonight and really liked it. And won it, I think.

I, of course, won nothing. But that goes without saying. And my victories, or lack there of, are being tracked in an app now. Which is nice. Not by us, because we’re too cool for that – we just have a “today we played this…” kind of spreadsheet going on (well, it will be. At the moment it’s literally a notebook where we’ve scribbled dates and games in pencil). But there I am. In an app. There’s a pie chart of all my victories. It’s very one-colour, I think. I don’t know if it tracks positions. Maybe I get a different section for coming fourth in something. I’ll have to find out.

It was good to be back, though. Back in the nerd basement. Back amongst the sweaty Pokémon peoples and the Magic The Gathering folks.

It felt like home.

And, of course, not winning is the games equivalent of being carried over the threshold…