Jan 17, 2020: Birthday

It’s my sister’s birthday today.

Which means that I have – as I do every year – had a conversation with my mum about how much birthday money to give her.

And, as happens every year, my mum has said, “I don’t know, how much did we do last year.”

And I, as happens every year, have replied, “I have no idea. I can’t remember.”

Because I don’t, and I can’t.

I could look. I could go back through twelve months of transactions to see, but it gets complicated because I don’t even think there was a monetary gift last year as presents were provided. It’s a complicated system we run, and even though it should be so much easier as it no longer contains contributions from the grandmother, it’s still baffling as heck.

I’m not sure there’s even consistency between my sister’s birthday in January and mine in May. Not to mention the fact that I am so bad at getting round to doing these transfers that it’s not usually anywhere near Christmas or a birthday when I do them. That makes it even harder to find the amounts involved.

And that’s when you’re not trying to explain to your mum that she doesn’t need a new computer with Windows 10 (thanks news channels) because she doesn’t even use the old one that has Windows 7 on it. And that it can’t be hacked into because a) it’s not turned on and b) it’s not in any way connected to the internet at the moment. Not to mention c) there’s nothing on it worth hacking in for anyway, unless a hacker really wants a lot of data about solar panel operations. Which is unlikely.

So happy birthday sister of mine. An undisclosed amount of money will come your way at some point.


If I remember to do it…