Jan 19, 2020: Ooops

I’ll be honest, I missed this one.

I dropped the ball.

My daily blog was not daily.

I’ve cocked up in the past, where blogs have been part written and I’ve fallen asleep (and when I’ve come to look at them again in the morning I have wondered what exactly happens to a sleepy mind because there are some weird things in them) or they’ve been trapped in a WordPress bubble which they’ve needed freeing from.

Or they’ve been written in pages instead of posts because I’m an idiot.

This one, though, I just fell asleep.

I was lying on the couch awake. Then I wasn’t. And then I woke up and it was 11.30pm and I could have written it, but I didn’t because I was tired, and also worried about the prospect of pulling all my escape room stuff together, and I’d been at work most of the day and excuses excuses.

So I went to bed, pre-midnight, which is rare. And I lay there, wide-awake, for a good while. A good while in which I could have written a blog, to be exact.

But then I reached for my phone, and then fell asleep. I know that because I woke up after dropping said phone on my face.

So I missed it.


Still, no-one probably even noticed. So I’ll just pretend like this was written on the 19th and be done with it!

Onward and upward, people. Onward and upward.