Jan 20, 2020: Roomy

I’ve spent a decent chunk of today – so much, in fact, that I entirely forgot about the new episode of the Death By Monsters podcast which is normally a Monday necessity – pulling together all the stupid, crazy, bizarre, illogical and idiotic ideas I have had for my “superhero”-esque escape room and putting it into one cohesive whole.

What I have learnt in the months of on-again-off-again plotting of this room is that some of my best ideas come to me in the shower, that while I like puzzles – and I like them a lot – I’ve kind of avoided puzzles in my room in favour of searching for things and downright silliness, and that when you’re trying to work on something that is actually quite important, Peppa will walk all over everything.

Several times.

I’m presenting my ideas to the boss tomorrow, because we’re going to be – hopefully (he might turn round and say it’s awful) – going to be building it in the next month or so. So, naturally, I’ve made it the most build-heavy I could make it. We need to build a console akin to something you’d see in the 1960’s Batman TV series, for example, completely with spinning reels, flashing lights and hidden compartments.

And that’s before you work out how to construct a silo which will spew out smoke when the contents are launched.

And so much wiring.

Hey, you know what I’ve never done any of but have put loads of in my room design? Oh, wiring.

There’s lights, there’s maglocks, there are twisty knobs and slidey sliders. There’s so much stuff.

I’m happy I’ve plotted it all out. But I’m also worried I’ve aimed waaaaay above my skill level (I mean, I have) and that I am going to spend a lot of time in tomorrow’s meeting answering the question “how would we do that?”

I even have some answers for some of the times that question might come up. And some fall back ideas for puzzles if we need to stick more things in there.

But otherwise, I really like it.

It’s – the concept at least – a more fun experience. More of an experience, maybe, than a puzzle-heavy room. Things to do. Dressing up to be had. A beauty of a jape (on my part) towards the end. Nonsense.

We did a room in Nottingham that was based in someone’s dreams. There was stuff in that that was pure unadulterated nonsense. And I really enjoyed that stuff. Counting gingerbread men. Making porridge. Something to do with pairs of pants. That sort of thing. A more tactile experience.

I think that’s what I’ve designed.

Carole says it’s brilliant. But she’s biased. I really like it. But I’m even more biased.

I’m just worried about tomorrow… when I have to come home and redesign the whole thing. Or worse, that it goes down well and I have to draw up plans and measurements and things for my Batomputer-alike.

Also, have I mentioned, I’ve never cut a piece of wood straight in my life.

Fun times ahead, guys. Fun times ahead!