Jan 21, 2020: Plans

Well, that was a success.

So the next thing now is… building the room. Painting the room. Making the room look amazing.

Holy shit.

I think we’re – as in Stuck In The Riddle, not Carole and I – getting the keys to our new playground at the start of next month. Then we need to go in and fir things and measure things and mark things out with masking tape. And work out wiring and…

… it’s going to be pretty exciting, I think.

As well as working to keep the rooms we have running at the same time as doing all that, and training up our newest member of staff so she’s a happy bunny. And then asking her to do some stuff for my room because she’s an artist and why have a dog and bark yourself, as my mother would say.

It’s going to be crazy times.

But I’ve gotten my room past stage one now. I just need to come up with a couple of other puzzles, which I sort of expected – one of which I think I might have a fun idea for (and keeping it in line with the more physical manipulation style of my room idea). I kind of need to make a mock up of it, though, to see if it works.

So I might be doing a small bit of arts and crafts tomorrow, cutting up a cereal box to make models out of.

Like some kind of crazy fool.

I’m really enjoying this process – more so now I’ve made it through the boss’s first scrutiny. I mean, it was stressy as anything, cobbling everything together but now it’s all in one place and semi-coherent I want to get it built, looking sexy and see some people play it.

Obviously, the new stress comes from the prospect of people liking it, or not liking it.

But hey, that’s a problem for later on…