Jan 23, 2020: Winner

Everything’s coming up Milhouse this week.

I manage to design a decent (hopefully) escape room.

And now, on Thursday night, it’s games night.

And I won things.

Almost all the things – a couple of games of Azul, and a decent game of Qwirkle.

And then it all went wrong.

But up until that moment I was rolling in the wins. I have never scored so highly in Azul before. I always thought they were massively optimistic with the lenth of the points tracker but there I was in the second half of it, on two games running. Unheard of. Unprecedented scenes.

Qwirkle as well, I don’t think I’ve won a game of Qwirkle in ages and yet there I was. It helps we were playing against “the kids” who think that someone saying, “No…” is part of every move now. We had to say it a lot. Every time we thought they had the rules sussed out, they’d fling out a crazy move that just couldn’t be done. And then Carole started doing it as well…

This was, I think, the start of the downhill slide…

Because we played Upstream – a game about salmon that came in a Board Game Crate before Christmas as which we have played before.

But, it turns out, we played it wrong when we played it – and that has just continued on. It was also incredibly hard to keep track of because the pieces kept getting knocked all over the place and no-one knew where anyone was or anything. It was hard going. And, obviously, there was the weekly sulk about not winning to contend with as well. It was a painful thing.

I want to play Upstream again, though. Just maybe with different people. And people who aren’t wearing gloves. Or chuntering on about salmon and salmonella.

Still, did I mention I won loads of games.




None of which have been entered into any kind of fancy tracking app. Dammit.

I expect that’s it for the year now… back to losing!