Jan 25, 2020: Detecting

It was Sneaky Finders today, the round-a-town-talking-to-virtual-witnesses game that pops up on Facebook Ads all the time.

Today, it hit the Hudd and we were rocking up a team for it – Carole and myself, and my boss and his family. I think it’s very fair to say that enthusiasm at the start was low, and that it did wain during the course of the game because the wind was fricking cold, but we did actually have fun tramping round Huddersfield bumping into other groups (which did make it extremely obvious where the witnesses were located) and solving riddles to get to talk to the people.

We had at our disposal ten questions and one use of an informant with which – alongside the witness testimonies – we could solve the crime. We worked out, but not soon enough, that the questions (and responses) and the information from the informant were absolutely useless and that everything we needed was in the witness statements because everyone told the truth. So if they said they were with someone all night, they were. Even though you’re conditioned to question whether they were or whether a party fell asleep and the other snuck out to do a murderising because that’s how all good fictional murderisings work.

But once you know no-one’s lying, it was just a case of talking to people until we got to a suspect and a weapon and we could hand it in.

Conveniently, within a spit of Nando’s for some lunch, but that was probably just a happy accident.

Out of 120 teams, we came third for completion time. We were 11 minutes off the top spot which is, purely, down to dragging a small child around and stopping too long to read things and ask questions. Once we ditched that tactic, put the child in a pushchair and just used the witness testimonies to tick off names we were flying… if we’d known that from the get go we’d easily have smashed the top spot.

But hey, third isn’t too bad.

And there was a suspect outside work which would have been a perfect flyering opportunity had a) anyone been free to do it and b) the council not dug the pavement up and put in a death bridge right outside the door.