Jan 26, 2020: Bridge

There are, and have been, roadworks around work for the past seven or so months. The council is replacing the pavements, and then going to resurface the road. It’s taking ages. No-one knows why.

But they’ve finally made it to use. And dug up the pavement outside work. They did that on Thursday, and left no access to the front door which saw me kick some barriers out of the way, stomp across the sand and nip inside for the council contact number so we could kick off.

And kick off we did.

Which resulted in a bridge of death being constructed from our door to the road. It undulates ridiculously and it’s unsafe as buggery. Within hours of its installation, a customer fell on it. Others have slipped. It nearly took me out last night.

So imagine my joy when I got to face it in the pouring rain this morning.

Luckily, it was fine. I think, in part, because I was moving so gingerly that nothing could catch me unawares. And also because I had a hole in the bottom of my shoe which had been previously acting as a suction pump for any water I went near, so I imagine I was attached to the board much like a lizard to a rock.

And obviously, while it rains the chances of the pavement being replaced diminish rapidly. I’m in work again tomorrow afternoon – I could get to walk through the middle of the workmen. That’ll be fun. I’m willing to bet they don’t start outside our door, because that would be too bloody easy. And that doesn’t seem to be the way they work this thing…

It wouldn’t actually surprise me if they didn’t just start work on another bit of it all as well and just leave us with a hole, especially as we’re making so much fuss about it all.

Ah, such fun!