Jan 27, 2020: Path

The council’s death bridge outside work has been removed, and replaced with an arrangement of boards and fences which is more akin to the queuing system in a Post Office.

When I first arrived at work this afternoon – mid-afternoon, zero sign of any council workers – it actually looked like work was completely blocked off, again. But, it turns out, approaching from the way I saw it from the bus makes it look that way – and you have to walk halfway up the road before you can get in to the start of the trail.

I ended up waiting at the door for my team because I just had visions of them trying to get in and failing miserably.

Which meant I got to watch A LOT of people think that the path to our door was actually the path to go on. It’s most definitely not, and all that ended up happening was people would end up at the door, turn around and have to follow the edge of the plastic fencing until they could find a hole.

One woman stood in the middle of the street and started to shout, “Well how do I get out?” before realising that other pedestrians were walking along a passageway.

It was quite eventful.

And it looks like we’re having a new drain fitted as well, so that’ll drag up the hours that the pavement’s out of commission. Who knows what the pathway will look like tomorrow. No-one’s in, as yet, so maybe by the time the next shift comes along everything will be back to normal.

It won’t be, obviously. We’ll probably have to go up a ladder and through a window.