Jan 29, 2020: Crate

I’m quite liking the Board Game Crate subscription we have. It fits nicely into our life, it fuels our hobby and it opens us up to new possibilities, games-wise.

It’s just a bit of misfortune, I guess, that our subscription started on a month when the Crate team was variously ill so it was a bog-standard crate with no extras.

December was fine.

January is terrible. We’re two days from the end of the month and it’s not here yet. I had an email saying everything was completed last week, but there’s since been no confirmation of all the crates being sent out.

I’m sitting at home waiting for it.

I’ve been waiting a week.

Pretty much in for deliveries all day. Jobs and things carefully planned so that I could hear the door/see a delivery van approach because the last thing I want is a could not deliver card because I was outside washing rice out of the bin.

Honestly, the most tense time I’ve had this week. Urging the rice to release from the bin, listening above the sound of the hose stream for the sound of a red van and happiness.

It’s not even as if the games inside are a surprise now. Their system updates your game list on the 28th, so I know what we’re getting. One of them would’ve been quite good fun for this week’s games night. A bit of casual nonsense 2v2 battleships-esque malarky. It’s not to be, though.

I’m out tomorrow.

I think we all know what’s going to happen…