Jan 30, 2020: Shark

Games Night.

Not a full compliment again, so Betrayal is off the table.

This week we dabbled in Jaws – we beat the pesky shark, Takenoko – joint last, and Welcome to The Dungeon which I absolutely smashed, which is unusual for a push your luck game. Because, as you know, I carry no luck whatsoever.

I really enjoyed Jaws – particularly because we were able to outwit the shark and tag it with the required barrels within about three turns. Only one swimmer was eaten. If this was the film, Chief Brody would barely have been bothered by the whole thing and could have had a nice chilled out summer instead of the stressful gore fest he endured.

It did look, at one point, as though we were going to die on our arse when it came to Act 2, which is set aboard the Orca. We lose the game if the shark destroys the boat or eats all three of us – both of which take a bit of doing, but we were losing ship parts hand over fist. At one point, the boat was actually cut in two like Herbie in that movie where Herbie is cut in two. The back end, with no-one on it (luckily) and the pointy bit, with us all huddled together.

If we’d been separated it might have been a different story, but as it was we were all together and just swinging at the shark with all manner of melee weapons in scenes which were not in any way, shape or form true to the movie.

It’s a touch son of a bitch to kill, though. And I think had we let it get more swimmers in the first round, we’d have had a much tougher time.

But a win’s a win.

I picked up a couple of games for us, too. Colt Express, which involves a cardboard train, and Die Hard which is Die Hard and needs no explanation apart from it’s a 1 vs all game in which the 1 is trying to kick Hans Gruber out of a window. I mean, what’s not to love. There’s even a “ho ho ho now I have a machine gun” card in there, I’m fairly sure.

And our boardgame crate is on the street, probably. I think it’s two houses away. But we haven’t been in at the same time during the day to get it. I mean, we’re both in now but I’m not going knocking at ridiculous o’clock.

No matter how badly I want it.

We did, however, stand outside when we got back from games and try and make as much noise as possible in the street to see if they’d come out with it.

They didn’t come out with it.

Tomorrow, though.