Feb 1, 2020: Door

Somewhat ironically, for an escape room, we’re having some issues with the lock on the door at work.

Getting in and out is, in itself, a puzzle. We have to unlocked the door, open the door, relock the door, take the key out of one side, put it in the other, unlock the door, close the door and relock it. It’s not a simple process and, in doing this, you have no recollection of what you used to do to unlock the door beforehand.

I was tasked, during the day, with dismantling the lock in between games so that I could provide measurements for the barrel and the mechanism. We can’t really work out what’s wrong with it either – the barrel seems to function perfectly well when it’s out of the mechanism – it spins, it does what it should, but combined with the mechanism it’s off centre when it’s locked, and it won’t let you take the key out when the door is unlocked.

I can’t help but think some outside influence has buggered the whole thing. Be that customers constantly shaking the door in the time between them ringing the bell and us not opening it immediately or something else. In fact, in some ways, I wish we didn’t have the door bells and went back to going down to stand at the door before a team’s arrival. But hey ho, it is what it is.

Taking the lock apart was easy, to a certain extent. It was fraught with the dangers of dropping the entire thing down interior of the door, but other than that it was a doddle.

Except, every single time I got to a point where I had bits in my hand and couldn’t do anything a team would arrive.

Massively early for their game.

One team was a full thirty minutes early. Thirty minutes I had to unscrew stuff, take photos and measurements and put it back together. But no. I got it unscrewed and then had to immediately put it back because I needed to go and run a game, and to run a game we need to lock the door downstairs to stop people just meandering in. And to do that you kind of need the door to have a lock in it…

It felt like a very long afternoon…