Feb 4, 2020: Butternut

I have a dislike of the butternut squash.

I’ve never really enjoyed it. But I try. I’ve tried it roasted. In noodle form. In some sort of curry thing. I’ve tried it. And every time, I don’t really care for it much.

Today was another such day. Butternut squash and sage soup, with a chilli thrown in for good measure.

Surely the heat of the chilli and the sage-ness of the sage can drag my least favorite vegetable up from the pits of despair.

No. No it can’t.

I think part of my resentment towards the squash is the fact that it’s sealed behind the thick outer skin. Anything the requires that much effort to get to the good stuff (and I use the term loosely) isn’t going to be good. I’m sure squashes are responsible for so many sliced digits as people wrangle them. I’ve had them in the past where my knife has become trapped mid-squash like I’m chopping firewood.

It’s like one of those cheeses sealed in wax. Or a really hard to open packet of something. Except they’re normally nice. And this wasn’t.

I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate that the soup wasn’t nice when everything else I made today (it’s been a good kitchen day) was fricking awesome (bread and a lemon sponge, since you asked).

So that’s one soup we won’t be revisiting.

Luckily there’s only a massive pan full of it…