Feb 5, 2020: Chibi

Another night, another play of a game.

This was a two-fold experiment – to wind Carole down from the stresses and strains of work and her OU course, and so that we knew what we were doing tomorrow at games night because there’s nothing more annoying than playing a game wrong (see Upstream).

We busted out the expansion for Takenoko, called Chibis, which adds a lady panda and adorable panda babies to the mix. And some new cards with new win conditions. And new land tiles. It’s a whole heap of newness. And the rules to make a baby panda are so precise that it’s no wonder that pandas breed so rarely in captivity.

Anyway, I lost.

I think that would go without saying now, we’ve been dancing this dance for a while and it’s almost never a win. But what makes this loss worse is Carole, as she slammed down her 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th completed objective had – only moments before – been giving it the whole “Oh, you seem very on the ball with this tonight, you have me worried.”

Basically, she’s moved from just winning to winning and talking shit to me at the same time.

“Well, you get one more go…” she says, as she plays her game-ending card. I make the move, completing something I have been trying for about ten minutes to complete, and she’s like “Aww, well done. I tried to stop you getting that. But you did it.”

She’s trolling me.

She’s a bloody troll.

And tomorrow night we’ll play this with Addy and Joe, and they’ll beat me as well. And they’ll troll me.

Anyway, it was really good to play with the expansion, I really enjoyed it. We had played it once before, many moons ago, but never gone back and had a second crack at it, so it’s nice that we’re digging it out again and seeing how everything works out. Or doesn’t work out in my case.

I’m going to play against myself, repeatedly, tomorrow until I can’t possibly lose. It’s the only way. Learn all the cards. Master all the strats.

I’ll come fourth.

You wait and see.