Feb 6, 2020: Waterderp

We allowed a new player into the mix this evening at games night.

We did. We actually did. Us. The most anti-social table in the room, allowed someone else to play. But then, there are sometimes certain elements of our table which make it very unattractive to anyone else. And that’s without us not talking to anyone.

One of the main upsets of the night was that we were not offered cake. Which was mean. I had toyed with baking – but was terribly disorganised about it – some biscuits to take. And we would have shared. Probably. Unless they were super nice, they we’d have been all over that shizz and no-one would have got a look in.

Anyway, new person.

And he was really good as well, schooling us along the way.

We played Takenoko, with the usual suspects. And I won. I bloody won. I had to win, though. Because there was some childish sulking going on and it was the quickest way to put an end to all that shit by pulling cards out of the stacks and immediately scoring them like a boss. It’s unusual for me to win a game of Takenoko. It almost never happens. But there it was. Apparently, there are times when someone needs to just step up and do what needs to be done.

So I did.

It was also, probably, one of the lowest scoring Takenoko games ever. I think I have lost in the past with more points that I won with this time.

And then Lords of Waterdeep.

There was more sulking. A lot of sulking. Loud sulking. And there was a card which we didn’t even know existed til Christmas when Daniel got it – that made a comeback, although once you know, you know. And we could have stopped it being so effective. But we didn’t.

And there was our new player, cruising into the lead casually. He finished third, when the dust settled. I came in last. Sulky Sulkerson of Sulksville finished ahead of me, despite spending seven rounds of the game with a bottom lip we could have rested the playing board on.

There’s a lot of tactics going on in Waterdeep, and as everyone slowly got it, the tactics increased with each round until it became ruthless. And it was great. I love Waterdeep. The first time I saw it being played, on Tabletop, I hated it. I didn’t like the look of it at all. It did nothing for me. Maybe that was the Wheaton effect – but we did buy quite a few games post-Tabletop episodes so maybe not. I don’t know. But then I saw it again on Game The Game and I loved it. Maybe that was the Becca Scott effect. Who knows?

I’d like to win it though. I think I might have once one it, when we first got it. But since them it’s not to be. Surprisingly enough, I know.

Next week, though, we’re down a man. And I’m at work for half the night. Who knows what we will be playing.

Will we even be playing?

Will there be sulking? Probably almost definitely.