Feb 7, 2020: World

Last night, after games night, I had plans to come home and write the blog (which I did) and then play some vidya games before heading bedward.

That did not happen quite as planned.

Instead, I fell down an internet rabbit hole I can’t even work out how I got into in the first place. I don’t know what led me to it. I have absolutely no idea.

Basically, I spent upwards of two hours watching clips from Boy Meets World and then, by extension, clips from Girl Meets World – specifically, all the clips that showed when they brought back characters from Boy Meets World.

And yes, I am fully aware that I am way beyond the age of people who should be watching that. But come on, it’s Cory and Topanga – from their first flirt over balled up socks to marriage and kids and… it’s Cory and Topanga. You can’t not like Cory and Topanga. They were Ross and Rachel before Ross and Rachel were Ross and Rachel.

And Shawn. And Eric. And Mr Feeny. And Morgan. And the other Morgan.

I was drawn in, at first, by the excellent fourth wall break in the final episode of Girl Meets World. For some reason that came up as a recommended video, so I must have watched something that put that on the YouTube algorithm. Or maybe I said Cory or Topanga near an electronic device that’s always listening and it skewed my entire internet browsing.

Who knows.

Anyway, Morgan was the little sister on Boy Meets World. She went upstairs in season 2 and came down again in season 3 an entirely different person. With a line like “That was the longest time-out ever”. Something like that. I vaguely remember it. They wanted an older Morgan is the gist of it all. So they did that.

So the final episode of Girl Meets World has the Matthews family needing to make a decision and they call on everyone in their life to help make it. Which is basically a massive excuse to bring back almost everyone from Boy Meets World – some have been popping up throughout the three seasons of Girl Meets World by the looks of it, but this is just everyone. All together at once.

Both Morgans.

And it’s brilliant. I loved it for the fan service and the fact that it made no sense but also tons of sense.

The youngest Matthews child is getting advice about being the youngest kid from Aunt Morgan (the original) who then tags out of the advice giving game and is replaced with Morgan 2. He then panics that he’s going to be replaced, and there’s a line about it being too late (it’s the final episode after all).

There’s a bit later on when Cory or Topanga says something about everyone being in once place, and the two Morgans look at each other and say that they have never been in the same place before.

I love that shit.

I love ridiculous cross-overs (Boy Meets World crossed over with Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and everyone ended up in World War 2, for example) but I love fourth wall breaking stuff. Like Will’s looks in Fresh Prince, Deadpool in, well, Deadpool and anything else that does it that I haven’t thought of yet.

And in-jokes, revisited things that you’d know if you knew (Eric confusing the words niche and niece, for example. Or the lollipop on a string hidden behind a beard). It was just video after video of stuff like that.

Or the girls in Girl Meets World comparing themselves to Cory and Shawn, while Cory and Shawn do the same with the girls. “So they’re us?… Meh, I don’t see it…”

I found out earlier that Boy Meets World is on Disney+, which I was going to sign up for anyway for WandaVision and the like. But, in much the same way as I am watching everything I’ve ever wanted to watch before settling down to watch Picard, that might have to wait.

I mean, Wanda and Vision are alright…0

… but they’re no Cory and Topanga.