Feb 8, 2020: Sleep

I came home from work, and I was awake.

I ate two hot cross buns. I was awake.

I sat on the couch and talked to Carole, I was awake

Carole went up to bed. I was awake.

Then it was, according to Alexa, five to midnight.

I had not been awake since Carole went up to bed.

All I did was lie on the couch…

Oh, all I did was lie on the couch.

This couch continues to be a lethal piece of furniture. Who could imagine that something not long enough for the human from to lie on without curving upwards and both ends like a Wotsit, can snatch you into the land of nod quicker than a nice comfortable mattress, pillows and a duvet.

Not to mention, that’s with the lights on. And the TV.

I didn’t realise I was anywhere near as tired as I clearly was.

So this blog is hella late because it’s really hard to get things done in the five minutes before the clock ticks over to the next day. Unless it’s New Year’s Eve, then those five minutes seem to last for bloody ages, and you’d have plenty to time to write anything you wanted.

I’ll be honest, though, I woke up on the couch at five to midnight. I went upstairs to bed, where I lay awake for at least another thirty or forty minutes.

There’s something not right, there.