Feb 11, 2020: Book

I went to write this yesterday, but the inner workings of WordPress thwarted me at every turn, leaving me staring at a screen with a big W on it.

But here we are. Things are working.

So, on with the rant. Which annoys me, in itself, because the one thing that really gets on my tits is people complaining on the internet. But hey, here I am.

One of the members of Austentatious has a book out. It’s a thriller, set in a future where the Earth is buggered. It sounds really good, to be honest. And I’m thinking about grabbing it because a) it sounds good and b) the author is a good and clever person. He’s a QI elf. He does lots of other things. And he’s really quite funny in Austentatious, and the Mash Report.

So I was looking at the book yesterday. And the Amazon page for it is well put together as many Amazon pages often are – repeating the “soundbyte” reviews that the book has garnered from newspaper and the like.

Which, of course, means bloody Stephen Fry.


I know that the author was a QI elf, so there’s a link. But does Stephen Fry have to have an opinion on everything? And then, when he does, does he have to use language that is unnecessary. He uses the word “bravura” when “excellent” would do. He’s one of those people, endlessly banging out unnecessary words – Will Self is another – in the pursuit of riding the superior train into Smugsville.

I’ll still read the book. I still want to read the book.

But I might have to either get it on Kindle, where it’s harder to remind me of Stephen Fry’s thoughts on the matter or get a physical copy and scratch the quotes off like the face of a spurned lover from photographs.