Feb 14, 2020: Upgrade

For a while I’ve been considering a phone upgrade.

I have an iPhone 6. It’s not a well device. It works fine – which is much better than other phones which, this late in the day, have started randomly opening apps or just making phone calls of its own accord. And, best of all, that nothing I did stopped it from doing that.

This one, however, isn’t doing that. It’s just not holding charge for very long (even for an iPhone, eh tech fans) and the lightning port or whatever the fudge we call it is looser than a loose thing in a loose competition. So when you charge it, if it is even acted on by an air molecule it can stop charging just because it’s slightly out of kilter.

That’s either from a lot of plugging in or, I suspect, dragging it by the wire to reach it. Because I am a bad boy.

So I upgraded. I thought, you know what, sod it. Let’s just do it.

Just like that. On a whim. And totally not that my phone lost 30% charge while I was eating a McMuffin.

It does not take me long to eat a McMuffin.

So, I’m on an 11 now.

It’s yellow. Which is fun. It’s yellow because I wanted a different colour – rather than white or black – and it’s yellow because I changed it to a different colour, but then exited and started again and it defaulted to yellow. But anyway, it’ll be in a case soon and you won’t even see that. Not that it bothers me anyway. I’m just saying, it’s yellow.

So that’s that. I’ve transferred things. I’ve backed things up. I’ve used that little pin thing, lost my SIM card in the carpet, swore a bit, found it and blown some fluff off of it. I’ve done the whole thing.

And so far I like it. It’s bigger. It’s clearer. It’s downloaded all my dad’s emails for the past three years. And it’s got a load of apps on it that I am never going to use, but am going to have to work out what they are and then move them into the “meh” folder I have specially set up for all the included guff.

So yeah, onward and upwards.

I’m off to play with it a bit more!