Feb 16, 2020: Rooms

Despite the best efforts of the weather – potential for flooding and some blown electrics about an hour before we were supposed to play, we’ve been to Project Breakout in Brighouse to round off their rooms there. So they’re done, and we need to go further afield for more…

Aside from Operation Clearsafe which was under five feet of water on Monday and won’t be dried out and rebuilt for weeks. And we’re supposed to be doing it for a Christmas Do so we’ll be fashionably late with that!

Anyway, Project Z and the Dollmaker were what we needed to tackle. And tackle we did.

We were terrible in Project Z – we had such a slow start and there was a real possibility of us completely fucking it up and being locked in. We didn’t, and we weren’t, but it could have happened. But we have a special skill in rooms where we’ll sometimes be stuck on something for ages, but they everything else will click into place, as though while we’re stressing about one puzzle, our brain is making sense of other things that need to be done.

There was one puzzle which threatened to bring us down, bring us to blows and had Carole asking for the answer. It was a fiendish puzzle and it was hard – but we made it harder by not searching properly (shocker, I know) so were missing a vital part of the whole thing.

And actually once we had all the bits it was a fricking doddle. And it made sense what didn’t fit in, and why. And then it was obvious. But it took us to the brink, and threatened to give us another lock in after the wanky ball throwing of that one in Edinburgh took us as victims.

In the Dollmaker, though, we were a more cohesive unit. It could be we were out of practice when we started in Project Z. I did suggest doing an Exit game this morning to get us in the mood, but we didn’t do it in the end. But we definitely started Dollmaker better and were up and running pretty quickly. We’d seen the team before us – a team of six – get out with about nine seconds left, so we were a little worried. But we did fine and dandy, and with not a lot of help – just clues that were more admin than help. I always look at a clue as an admin clue if it’s more of a “focus on this thing” hint than “take the thing and do this with it” type. There’s no actual help. It’s just kind of keep going with what you’re doing.

The frustrating puzzle in Project Z had that level of help. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Rather than, do this and then this and then this. And that’s despite Carole asking for the answer!

The Dollmaker threw us a few curveballs. Something that was blue was blue, but something the should have been purple was also blue. Making the purple element of the puzzle a little bit of a guess, which we managed. But afterwards the game master had a look and even he had to admit that it was a lot blue. You know, the blue side of blue. You’d have thought the team before us would have mentioned it. But hey…

So yeah, we’ve done all the local rooms now. We need to build more at Riddle so that we can play more, although I can obviously never play mine. But I can play any Tom builds, which is nice. And I’m sure we’ll be the first guinea pigs in there, I hope.

We’re in Manchester next month for Carole’s birthday – guess we’ll have to do some over that neck of the woods as well… you know, just one. Or two. Or…