Feb 17, 2020: Kitchen

Today was a day of high stakes.

At any moment I could have been whisked away from my plans to go to work, something I was very aware of as I embarked on Chinch’s Overly Ambitious Kitchen Day.

I’m at work tomorrow evening, and Carole’s on a Uni tutorial so I was on a mission to make things run as smoothly as possible by making as many things as I could today to feed us for today, cover us for lunches tomorrow and have something Carole could heat up and eat before her tutorial as I wouldn’t be home to have put the tea on before she got home.

I entered the kitchen at 9am and left it at 4pm. I had a small break at some point during the day to stop myself going mad, have some lunch and gather my thoughts. But for hours I was in there doing various bits – whether it was cooking, or tidying up after cooking. During the day I have knocked up a cottage pie, a massive batch of carrot and tomato soup (literally kilograms of veg went into that bad boy) and some cheesy hot cross buns which look and smell absolutely bloody amazing.

Not a bad day, all in all.

Especially when my phone could have gone at any time, and I could have had to go to work with only a couple of hours notice.

I’ll be honest, a little bit of me hoped, as I set to peeling the spuds for the mash on top of the cottage pie, that my phone would go because I was, at that point, absolutely fed up of peeling and chopping things. If I could have got away with it, I’d have done skin-on mash which is probably a thing. But I didn’t. I did it properly. And, for good measure, chopped up some leeks to go in it too. Because why not chop up every fresh vegetable in the house?

Tomorrow, though, I’m doing nothing until I go to work. I keep thinking I might make some biscuits. But no. Nothing. I will not be drawn back into the kitchen again. No. I refuse. You can’t make me. Even if there are two more things I want to make. They can wait. I’m not doing it.


I think we know what’s going to happen…