Feb 19, 2020: Mailing

I’m being bullied by Netflix.

In the greater scheme of the streaming service this is nothing new. We all know how judgemental it can be, asking you if you’re still watching a thing when you’ve been watching a thing for a while. On a service which is designed, almost entirely, for watching a lot of a thing all at once.

Are you still watching…

Yes, yes I am. But I didn’t bank on having to move to reach a remote in order to tell you that, you bastard. Just keep shovelling the entertainment into my eye holes. And be quick about it.

But now… now it’s coming after me by email.

“Don’t forget to keep watching…” it tells me.

Lost In Space is its current bugbear. It’s cross that I have watched only the first episode of Season 2, so far. It’s worried I have entirely forgotten that the series exists and that I will never return to watch the rest. I will return to watch the rest. Holy cow, Netflix. For one, there’s Parker Posey who is – and always has been – sublime. For two, there’s Mira Sundwall who is by far the best Robinson in a sea of Robinsons.

But I don’t need the aggressive emails. It’s sent them twice. I stopped mid-way through Season 1 to – I don’t know – go to work or something and it was on at me. And now, again, I’ve stopped because I haven’t been in a position where I can binge a good chunk of episodes which is my preferred method of watching. Otherwise it’s watch a bit, break off, watch a bit more, break off, watch a bit more… you get the idea.

I’ve been watching Magic For Humans today. I’m waiting for the email as I type this.

I have one episode of the second season to watch. You know it’s not going to let me just leave it.

Somewhere an algorithm is crunching numbers:

It’s been two hours and 8 minutes since he last watched an episode, when we hit two hours thirty, begin the guilt trip.

Also maybe mention Lost In Space, it’s been like a week…