Feb 20, 2020: Betrayed

Games Night!

And the first in a few weeks that saw all five of us in one place so that meant it was time for Chapter 7 of Betrayal Legacy. A game which sees us explore a house, uncovering rooms and almost always triggering the haunt within seconds of starting.

Tonight was no exception. Faced with a diseased wedding veil we had to help a doctor seal away its corruption in an area of the house separate in time and space. Obviously. It was called Bigger on the inside as well, with an obvious nod to a Time Lord.

We did it, though.

We cured the disease. We got it under control. We found the items we needed. It was great. No traitor. Just us versus the game. And we came out on top. And why is it now asking us to turn to the Traitor’s Tome? That’s the bad book. Why would it do…

Ah, piss.

Every man for himself as we fight over one vial of antidote to keep us alive. Or as we fight over the blood of the person who took the antidote, and so on and so on until there’s just one remaining player.

It was not me.

I held out as long as I could. I tried to arm myself. I tried to heal myself. But ultimately, I was buggered and any damage I took would kill me. And I fell at the hands of Joe, who had gotten the antidote fairly early on, then done something which made him super strong and then killed us all.

I mean… god… we were doing so well when we sealed away the disease. Why couldn’t we have just finished there. Damn you, Betrayal. Damn you.

Then we took on a six way game of Colt Express. Which worked ridiculously well. Everyone got it. Everyone liked it. Everyone fired a lot of bullets. It was just rip-roaring good fun.

I didn’t win.

At all.

Not even close.

In fact it was my worst performance in Colt Express ever (we’ve played it twice). Only made better by the fact that I would have come last had my final move not been to punch some money out of one of the others, sliding them into last place. Which was a master stroke, I feel. And probably something I should have done earlier in the game. But hey ho, you play the cards you’re dealt.

Not to mention, the nature of the game means that over the rounds in a turn you’re programming your character to carry out certain actions. Any of which can be buggered up by your opponents. Ideally you have to keep an eye on where everyone is going to be after every card you put down. I lost track of people within minutes. At the end I was just playing gun cards in the hope I could net a $1000 bonus and clog up some decks.

I was 5th. As I say, I only finished there because I punched money clean out of an opponent.

Master stroke.

I’m not proud of it. But a bandit has to band. Or something.