Feb 21, 2020: Kingdom

Simce I upgraded my phone, I’m enjoying the newfound lease of life a lot of my previously owned apps have now that they have the memory and processing power to run as nature intended.

One of the resurrected titles is Kingdom Builder. The app version of the board game. I’ve been playing it to practice and home my skills offering me what will be a clear advantage the next time I play actual real-life humans.

I’ve played twenty-something games against the medium level AI. I’ve played with all of the goal cards, in various configurations.

I’ve won six times.

Which, actually, isn’t that bad. For me. Who usually loses all the time. I’m coming in at less than 25%, sure, but it’s a solid less than 25%!

I don’t think, though, my repeated playings are offering any advantage. Every single game I’ve played I’ve thought I have done well. Every one. And then the scores cone in and it’s a right old bag of spanners.

Some if the goals I really think I’ve worked towards, and my points are pathetically low. On the few games I’ve won I don’t feel I have done anything different. No stratefies have changed. I haven’t learnt anything. I’ve still gone in with the same gung-ho attitude and the crushing realisation my settlement is touching every other type of land tile so whatever comes next it’ll have to be played there.

I kind of want to expand my board games as apps library but I think I’m just opening myself up to more loses, but in less comfortable surroundings. Like bus stops.