Feb 22, 2020: Curses

When we signed up for the Boardgame Crate, I did it with the knowledge that it would have to be a very unlucky delivery date for it not to arrive on a day when I wasn’t in.

I mean, what are the chances? I work during the week, sure, but usually in the late afternoon and evening. Well beyond any sort of standard delivery window. And if I wasn’t in it would be a Saturday when Carole would usually be about.

In other words, sorted.

Never been so bloody busy since we signed up for it.

Any time there’s a notification it’s on its way, I can almost guarantee work will pop up on any potential delivery day.

And now Carole’s getting in on the act with potential delivery weekends being some of her busiest.

Somewhere there’s a curse which has been placed upon us.

From a financial point of view, it’s great getting all the work. But from a delivery point of view it’s wreaking havoc.

And that’s without factoring in a missed delivery not taken in by neighbours going back to the depot. Which would, of course, be ready for collection on a day when I absolutely categorically didnt need to go to work and, therefore, be passing the collection office in my normal routine.