Feb 23, 2020: Games

Okay, maybe the games of Kingdom Builder I’ve been playing on my phone have imparted a little bit of experience to my gaming fingers.

I had Carole on the ropes in a couple of impromptu games of Kingdom Builder tonight. In one game I completely destroyed her. And the other was neck and neck and ended with her winning by one point, spurred on – I think – by the masterful way I played my small wooden houses.

Or it could have just been a fluke. A fluctuation in the universe which allowed me to get good, for just those briefest of moments.

And that carried over into a quick round of Azul which I won brilliantly. But which, Carole maintains, may had some errors in my opponents scoring which, she feels, may have not represented her true performance.

But whatever, I was scaling dizzying heights of points scoring. Laying tiles like there’s no tomorrow.

According to the stats on the app Carole’s tracking everything on, I’m the best Azul player in the group with a 75% win ratio.

There’s not even an app for playing it. That’s just all me. Pure skill.

Well pure skill and some duff tile collecting from my opponents…

I wish we were playing for monthly cups again…