Feb 24, 2020: Over

I told you that Board Game Crate was cursed.

It’s been due this week and I’ve never been at work so much. I’ve had to leave the recycling bin in the front garden for it to be dropped in because no-one’s home.

And then on the day our February crate arrives we get an email, a Facebook post and a Twitter message saying that March will be the last crate and they’ll be closing.


We were looking forward to many months of random games and things we wouldn’t normally buy, but instead we’re going to have to stick to the tried and tested method of just impulse-buying games we’ve seen on Game The Gane or drooled over as people at Games Night play pretty looking things.

It’s a bit of a shame because of the randomness, but I was in two minds sbout continuing anyway because the late delivery of January’s crate suffered some terrible customer service.

But then, if they were already considering shutting down maybe that’s why. It’s a complex situation, I’m sure.

It’s even worse as we’ve set up a Kilner jar to hold all the lovely dice they throw in as a free gift every month.

It’s just got about six dice in it.

I’ll have to find the ridiculous number of dice i got free with our dice tray, I guess.