Feb 27, 2020: Thursday

Carole was tipped off about an app that we can use to store all of our board/tabletop game plays in one handy, dandy place. The app means, as well, that I never had to build that spreadsheet – which was really nice, because hiding all the layers and stuff behind the scenes was a nightmare I wasn’t looking forward to having!

On the app you can set yourselves challenges. And because Carole likes lists and challenges, she’s all over that.

We’re partaking in the “play everything we own at least once this year” challenge. Which is made trickier by Board Game Crate (or was supposed to be at least) adding some each month. Well, just next month now. But hey ho. And, of course, any that we might buy along the way.

We’re doing quite well, so far. But Thursday night’s games night helps as well as we can take a few from the shelves to the table and play them with others.

Today, we’ve barely managed to play anything “new” in terms of the challenge. In fact our only unplayed game that we played was a couple of rounds of Dungeon Mayhem, bringing in the characters from the Baldur’s Gate expansion who had previously not seen the light of day outside the box. Excitingly, there’s a further expansion which should arrive tomorrow with six new characters (including an evil chair, a slime and a dragon) so we’ll have lots of opportunity for play. And the box has lovely dividers in it, so I’ll be transferring everything across post haste!

I won one of those. I was quite pleased with that. The first game of the night under my belt.

And then it went downhill. Losing another round of Dungeon Mayhem and two games of Tsuro in quick succession. Not to mention the two games of Santorini Carole and I had played prior to anyone else arriving at the games place.

Kingdom Builder though.

Oh, my app practice is paying off. I have strategies and things now. I have techniques. I have a new found love of the special move tokens.

I was like a savant or something.

Okay, that’s pushing it. I won. But more because everyone else was terrible and I was less terrible than by any real skill.

But hey, a win’s a win – digital practice or not. And it’s on the tracking app.

So it absolutely counts.


And no-one remembers any games that came before the last one. So everyone will just remember me winning.

Which is how it should be.