Feb 28, 2020: Comment

I greatly enjoyed sonething I saw on Twitter tonight. I don’t use Twitter anywhere near as much as I used to, should do and want to but I hop on and have a look at the way the world is unfolding.

I follow comedians, actors, writers and games people. You coukd discern my hobbies with a quick browse of my “following” list.

One of the people I follow is a games journalist from Eurogamer called Aoife Wilson. I don’t know her, I don’t think we’ve ever interacted but I follow her, and other Eurogamer people, on Twitter because games. She’s part of the Eurogamer video team which have been part of my regular viewing on YouTube for ages.

These are some of the things I know about Aoife. She’s nice. She’s knowledgeable but if she doesn’t know about something she’ll say so, rather than bullshit her way through stuff. She likes the gym. Oh, wait, she’s young and attractive to boot.

Hang on…

She shared a thing yesterday of some YouTube comments she, and her colleague Zoe, have received on a couple of videos. One is questioning if a woman is qualified to talk about what she’s talking about and the other is… oh wait, same thing worded differently.

I mean, fucking hell. Sometimes I’m ashamed to be a male and a gamer. I’m even more perplexed, though, by the fact that one of the commenters is so appalled that a girl is even daring to talk about Baldur’s Gate when they clearly have never played the previous versions, any sort of Dungeons and Dragons at all or even know how to turn on a computer, probably.

Incidentally, there are videos online of Aoife playing D&D and GMing games too. But hey ho.

You know what, I’ve played Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2. I’ve played D&D. I couldnt explain any of it. Apart from how nice water looked when you ran through it. Oh it looked really, really nice. I distinctly remember that. I don’t even know if the third one has water in it. It probably does.

I hope it looks nice.

Commenters on online things are my main bugbear of 2020 so far. We’re two weeks on from the Be Kind revolution after Caroline Flack’s passing.

I guess the novelty’s work off.