Feb 29, 2020: Racist

There are many things to love about Saturday nights in Huddersfield. Probably.

As Saturdays tends to be a busy day at work, more often than not we’re finishing at around 10pm. Which means it’s the penultimate bus home. Which means one of two things on a Saturday.

There’s either the bent over growling drunk man who’s unsteady on his feet and won’t stay in his seat on the bus.

Or there’s the Irish guy spouting bullshit who has, I think, been featured in this blog before.

Tonight it was the Irish bullshit spouter. And I will preface this by saying it’s been a long day today – I’ve been in work since about half nine this morning, so you know, all I want to do is pack everything up and get home.

I’m waiting for the bus, beautifully timed to spend as little time outside in the wind and rain as is humanly possibly. Two minutes on the timer, one minute, due. Excellent.

Then it vanishes from the readout. Now, it quite often does this. And it’s annoying as hell. And you generally have to wait for a bit and if the bus hasn’t shown up in ten minutes you’re buggered. Otherwise you’re fine, because it just appears as is nothing had happened and that people haven’t been standing in the bus stop mouthing off about the bus service.

So anyway, it vanished, and our Irish bullshitter pipes up.

“It’s missed! It’s missed! That’s it. It’s not coming. It’s missed.”

He then launched into what I can only really describe as a batshit crazy conspiracy theory about how bus cancellations are pre-arranged with the taxi drivers because those people (although that was not the word he used) are just out to make money out of us and that’s how they do it.

So, to summarise, the taxi company which operates the city centre taxis has arranged for the 10.10pm 328 Huddersfield to Bradley bus to be cancelled because they figure they can wring us for every penny.

There are two of us in the bus stop. I get the 10pm bus a lot. There’s usually about six of us on the bus. We are hardly the cash cow this conspiracy would require, but hey ho.

And then the bus came.

And I, having listened to him – by virtue of being in the same bus stop with a face which clearly said, no no invade my personal space – just said, “Well, it’s coming now so just stop with the racist conspiracy bullshit!”

Of which I was both shocked by myself and also quite pleased with.

Made better by the fact that he got on the bus and sat in front of a Chinese lady who was making a phone call in her native tongue. And he didn’t like that, and turned to look at her, muttering about talking English.

I was sitting diagonally across. So turning to look at her looked at me.

So he turned back and just sat quietly.

I can’t wait for next Saturday.