Mar 3, 2020: Productive

We’ve had a strangely productive day today.

Carole’s off work this week, she still has no voice, and we’re off to Manchester on Thursday to see Back To The Future: The Muscial and to indulge in a few escape rooms along the way. And some Lego art. And maybe some golf. Who knows. We only have a couple of days to fill but seem to have a lot of ideas – not much of it booked, mind!

But today we took it upon our selves to do house-admin stuff. We needed more cat food, Carole wanted a bird table for the garden so she could look out of the windows and call everything a sparrow.

So we set to, and got on with it.

I don’t know if you’ve ever bought – or planned to buy – so much stuff in Pets At Home that you have to do it in two visits, but that was us. We did that. We bought stuff. We walked out to the car with it all. We dumped it. We came back in and bought more stuff.

We bought a ton of bird food, feeders and a bird table thing. We only really went in for cat food. We bought that as well, but on a second visit because we couldn’t carry all the other stuff and the food in one trip. Twelve kilograms of fat balls, and seven kilos of cat food. It’s a lot to carry.

For me.

Carole just carried a bag on peanuts and, on the return visit, a new cat toy for Peppa which – I am thrilled to say – she could not give a flying fuck about. In fact, she played with a scrunched up receipt more than she played with the toy I bought her.

And then this afternoon, aside from constructing the bird feeders, and Carole doing some of her uni work, we’ve taken Kingdom Builder and Azul to the table.

I haven’t been playing Kingdom Builder enough on my phone, I think. Carole absolutely destroyed me, which was made worse by the fact that she can’t talk and so gloated silently.

Azul, however, was where I really brought home the bacon. And I’ve not even got that on an app or anything. I’m just that good at Portuguese tiling.

What can I say? It’s a gift.

Tomorrow we have more things to do and sort before we go off for Carole’s birthday and time-travel based singing.

We probably should have done it this afternoon, but I’ll let the benefit of hindsight punch me in the face tomorrow lunchtime!