Mar 5, 2020: OUTATIME

Carole’s birthday.

We’re in Manchester for escape rooms, Lego and Back To The Future: The Musical.

We took on Clue HQ’s CSI:Panic Room this morning and completed it, mate. Bit of a slow start with a very loose idea of what to do, but once we got going we did alright actually. And when you’re tackling a room designed for six as a two you’re always going to be up against it.

But we prevailed with a good four minutes left. And considering we did nothing constructive for the first fifteen minutes or so…

Then it was The Art Of The Brick, an art show by Nathan Sawaya – a man who barely mentions that he used to be a lawyer, but now makes art from Lego.

And glue.

Which I was not happy about. You don’t glue Lego. That’s just wrong. And yes, some of his stuff you couldn’t make without copious amounts of glue but equally when he’s not mentioning his old career as a lawyer, he’s memtioning inspiring people to make Lego art at home. Which you wouldn’t do with glue.

In one of his films he talks like he has a revolutionary way of constructing things with lego – “as is my way, I add more and more bricks until…” Yeah mate, that’s just doing Lego anyway.

And then BTTF.

Holy crap,

Amazing. Brilliant, Just so so good. I’d see it again tomorrow if I could, just to look at some of the set stuff more closely. It was just outstanding.

It tweaked the film’s story, slightly, but given that it was written by Zemekis and Gale it counts. And everything was spot on. Iconic lines, iconic moments, iconic characters. The whole thing. Amazing.


And really funny to boot.

Highly recommend.