Mar 6, 2020: Manc

We didn’t have much planned for today other than the joys of an all you can eat breakfast buffet and a coupoe of escape rooms at Lucardo Manchester.

A nice leisurely day and then get out of Manchester either before or after the end-of-day work rush. Because no-one wants to be crammed on a commuter train. No thank you.

So substantial amounts of breakfast eaten, we poddled off to Lucardo via something in what can best be described as the complete opposite direction. Carole wanted to go for a poke around the John Rylands Library because shes into architecture now (it used to be owls and Take That, it’s really hard to keep up).

It didn’t really appeal to me, so I sat outside for ten or fifteen minutes while she pottered around, took pictures and got lost. I was sitting on a stone bench. It was so cold my arse was numb for about fifteen minutes afterwards. So numb that it felt like my undies were firmly en-cracked. It was a weird feeling.

Lucardo was ace. Aside from one cringe-inducing tale from one of the hosts about her visit to Stuck In The Riddle a few years ago, when a (very much ex)colleague of mine told her group, before they started, that he just wanted to go home, that is. So once I’d finished cringing we played our games.

We played Espionage which is a WW2-themed room where we had to find some documents and escape. We really liked it. It was the first game at Lucardo so very much a traditional locks-based room.

The Prison was a more practical and less lock-y room which had us crawling in sewage tunnels and the like. I enjoyed it, but Carole found bits of it to be a bit dull with nothing to do (even though there is). It’s hard to explain without spoiling. But it’s very different to Espionage.

And then we were gifted a free game to apologise for the noise and mess of the building work going on at the moment as they rejig an existing room and prepare for a new ‘un. It was the most unnecessary apology ever but very generous of them so, you know, we’re gonna take that. I can see why they did it, but equally we’re pretty laid back so it didn’t bother us. I guess some people would kick off that the building work is ruining the immersion.

But equally those people need to get a grip.

So University of Magic we did. Making a potion was our task and we were smashing it until we lost aaages trying to find one thing. Searching is such a weak point for us, it was quite annoying derailing a brilliant run. We still escaped because, you know, its us.

We’d have probably been quicker if our Game Masters had wantes to go home…

… i am so ashamed by that.