Mar 8, 2020: Women

All the bellends have taken a break from stockpiling toilet rolls and hand sanitiser today to pit all their efforts into tweeting, messaging and generally annoying every woman who has had the gall to mention International Women’s Day.

And they’ve all said the same thing: When’s International Men’s Day?

It’s November the 19th.

It’s the same date every year.

Early on this morning – and, sadly, adding more fuel to the trash fire that is the pit of internet commenting in gaming communities – Ubisoft put a picture up of the playable female characters in the Assassin’s Creed universe.

One person took the time to paste a picture of a comment from a game developer about the extra work required to add a womam to a game – double the dialogue, double the art etc etc. Stick that, women. You’re just too much work…

And then one guy just put “still won’t support female superiority.”

Which prompted a lot of people asking him who had asked him to in the first place, and some others pointing out that it was people like him who created a need for feminism and International Women’s Day in the first place.

Should curiosity have got the better of you, a quick swing by his profile would show him to be a member of a Facebook group primarily focused around Manga and Anime girl’s arses.

Luckily though, no-one dragged that out. In fact, what followed was a pleasingly positive collection of messages to this man – not for him, but in terms of people not accepting the bullshit – pointing out that it was ok to be insecure about this.

I, meanwhile, looked up other things “celebrated” today and offered him those in the hope he’d feel less threatened.

For reference I’ve listed them here:

National Hash Brown Day.

National Check Your Batteries Day.