Mar 9, 2020: Busy

We decided, last week, that we’d try some home-made burgers this week. We’ve dabbled before, and they’ve always turned out to be tasty and, generally, nicer than store-bought pre-packaged ones.

And then I decided that after years of looking at them and saying that I quite fancy one, I’d get myself a burger press so that I could make nice, round burgers instead of just squishing balls of mince down into a vaguely round shape.

So I ordered one yesterday on Amazon Prime.

It was the burgers for tea tonight.

Amazon Prime is great. You can order stuff and it arrives the next day. It can arrive at any time. Any time at all. But it’s generally sometime in the morning, or early afternoon. Occasionally we’re into the late afternoon/evening territory. But on the whole it’s early in the day.

I didn’t think there’d be any issues.

So obviously, during the day my delivery time has crept later and later until it was well past 7pm when it actually arrived.


Because of course it was. I could have ordered literally anything else and it would have arrived earlier in the day. But I order that and it just dawdles its way here.

Not that I’d have had time to use it this afternoon anyway as I’d stretched myself very thin in the kitchen department with two rounds of bread baking on top of the chips and burger mix for tonight.

Tomorrow I’m doing nothing.

Well, nothing except scouring the internet for items for my escape room. And maybe coming up with a couple more puzzles. And probably a bit of ironing. And sorting stuff out so that Carole can come straight home from work, be fed and be in a position to be ready for her University tutorial – assuming that her cold/cough/sore throat/definitely not Coronavirus doesn’t finish her off first.

Although I suppose if it does, I’ll only have to iron my clothes…