March 11, 2020: Placing

I bought Carole a couple of games for her birthday. You know, for her. Entirely for her and not because I get to play them as well. Following her love for tile-placing fun-fest Azul, I got her (us) Patchwork and Sagrada.

Two similar games, but extremely different.

In Patchwork you make a quilt out of random Tetris-style shapes of material. And you lose points for every bit of your board that you don’t fill. We played it the other day. My score was in the negative. Negative, for chuff’s sake. I mean, that’s going some – I had so many empty spaces that they wiped out my score and then some.

Stupid game.

Can’t wait to play it again.

Sagrada is a dice rolling and drafting game where you make stained glass windows according to your game board which – depending on the difficulty – has a number of set spaces which have to be either certain colours or certain numbers. And no two adjacent dice can have the same colour or number. It’s like Sudoku, meets window making, meets dice rolling.

You play it, in my experience, by having your head in your hands and saying, “Ah, I’ve fucked it… I’ve completely fucked it…”

My last move of our last game (first one was a draw), tonight, was a complete non-starter. I couldn’t even take a dice because they were all either the matching numbers or colours to what as already placed – already placed, incidentally, as a special move which is when I realised I fucked it up.

So yeah, can’t wait to play that gain either.


Best presents I’ve ever bought her…