Mar 12, 2020: Changes

Everything’s changed today.

My thighs are killing from all the bending, squatting, kneeling and whatever-elseing yesterday while making bits of escape room walls. I am in pain. It’s definitely an ache. I should probably see a GP about it but could equally just ask a stranger because everyone’s a medical professional these days so…

Anyway, games night.

And everything changed.

We played Chapter 8 of the 13 Chapter arc. And the game ended with no playing pieces. As in they’re all in the tomb. In the bottom of the box. Gone. Never to return. Lost and gone forever. Oh my darling. And all that.

Lost in the battle against evil. A battle we won, incidentally, in one of the largest house maps we’ve ever laid out and using some of the best tactics we’ve ever used.

And then we took some of the new Dungeon Mayhem characters our for a spin and they are amazingly good fun. Hoots McGoots, or whatever he’s called, the performing Owlbear is my absolute favourite. But some of the new characters have some amazing super powers which really change the way the game plays.

And by change the way the game plays I mean, I won.

In fact, according to Nik’s boardgame stats, I am currently the best player in the group overall on a Thursday night.



Negative points in patchwork, hardly wins anything.

This guy.


The best.

I can feel the tug of destiny at my hem.

Great things are coming. And I’ll be the bestest at them.

It won’t last.

I’ll be crap again by next week.