Mar 14, 2020: Ugh

It’s going to become increasingly difficult, I think, to maintain this blog during the Covid-19 outbreak and not have it descend into a rant about stupid people every single day.

I went into Sainsbury’s yesterday to buy some pint glasses becsuse Carole and I have been fighting over the one pint glass we own. I say fighting. It appears to be hers now. I lost. She fought me while I was at work one day.

The entire place was stripped bare, almost. Apparently stock-piling chocolate is the newest thing.

It’s doing my head in.

I’m hoping for a Government-imposed lockdown. I’d love it. A week of board games, box sets and video games. There’s so many games I want to have a decent chunk of time with, and a blanket lockdown would be just the ticket. Plus we’d smash our “play every board game we own” target too.

And it’d be a week away from people getting on my tits with their ridiculously selfish attitudes to everything.

Work’s taking a hit – we’re definitely down on bookings. Which is a good thing, in a way, because it means an element of sensibility. But also, no cash for escape rooms because they’ve blown it all on loo roll. We’re disinfecting after every game, and washing hands and whatever else but we’re still mixing with the geat unwashed. And while it’s great to reassure them everything’s clean, I don’t want one of them giving us something.

Especially as something like this makes you notice every sneeze and cough…

I want my imposed lockdown so I can play and stuff, I don’t want to be ill with it.

No-one’s even mentioned how bad man-Covid-19 is yet…