Mar 15, 2020: Patchy

I found myself, mainly, bereft of work today (aside from a cheeky 6.30 game which popped up).

Do, obviously, we made the most of our time together and audited the contents of the freezer. We have a lot of soup, that was the take home from that particular exercise.

We also tackled a game of Patchwork.

Patchwork, of course, being the game I absolutely died on my arse with the last time we played. I scored -8 last time we played while Carole romped home with twenty something.

This time, though, things would be better.

I was playing tactically. I was filling space, neatly assigning my patches to my board so as not to leave any awkward gaps which no remaining piece could cover. I got the 7×7 coverage first. I netted mysekf bonus points. I’m not going to lie, I felt pretty good about the whole thing. I had buttons galore, having built a board adorned with precious currency-giving buttons, everytime the income was triggered I’d take home over ten points.

Turns out, what I should have done is go wild with my shapes. I should have filled as much as I could but not sweated the smaller gaps. I ended with 18 empty spaces. Carole, with a more ramshackle approach, had 11 squares devoid of patches.

But i had loads of buttons. They would save me.

Each empty space is worth minus two points. Each button is one positive points.

I couldn’t fail.

I failed.

Minus three was my final score.

Carole got eight. Positive, proper eight.

We entered it into the game tracking app. It lovingly told me that -3 was my personal best.

I hate Patchwork….