Mar 17, 2020: Fix

There’s nothing I love better, on a evening shift when it’s tight for buses – what with them being every hour – for a team to break something. Not accidentally, either. That’s a different kettle of fish. But when they break stuff because they’re titting around doing something they should be, it’s really just the best thing ever.

We had that the other day, when a team decided that a hatch designed to only open one way should open both ways and gave the hinges a real good bending. To the point that said hatch would no longer shut properly and would, in fact, catch on the frame of said hatch. Because it was buggered.

And then you have to assess how you’re going to fix it, and when.

I knew that if any game came up, I would be the next person in. So I left it. I wasn’t going to fix it in the evening. I wasn’t going to miss a bus for the sake of some arseholes. Instead, I’d leave early the next time I was in and fix it then. Which amounts to the same amount of time but somehow feels a hell of a lot better.

So I went in early.

I left an hour before I would normally leave.

I grossly over-estimated the amount of fixing I’d need to do. Which, actually, is great because I didn’t want to spend an hour reconstructing stuff.

I just hit it hard with a hammer, repeatedly. It was the best and quickest way I could think of to unbend some hinges. I didn’t think it’d be quite so successful without me having to unscrew everything, swear a bit, sweat a lot and get really anxious that I’d run out of time to fix everything before the team arrived for the game I’d gone in for. Plus it wouldn’t go back together properly.

But no.

Gently persuaded back into position it was. I was quite proud of myself.

Mainly because it didn’t end with me trapped in a small room, having to phone anyone with a key to come and rescue me. I mean, at least I had the foresight to take my phone with me!

Still, the way it’s looking at the moment, I won’t have to fix anything for a while…