Mar 18, 2020: Techy

Games Night is one of the casualties of the Covid, which is brilliant as we’d just got a nice juicy cliffhanger point in Betrayal and who knows how long we’ll be away from that for.

We’re still keen to play, though. I know Carole and I will be making use of the spare time afforded to us to play a decent chunk of our gaming collection, but I think we might also dabble in ways we can include the others from our gaming table, and even from the rest of the gaming group in general.

We’ve seen pictures of laptops and webcams set up to represent other players, which is a good way to go, and it looked great. And it’s genuinely great the ingenuity on display to circumvent isolation and the like.

I’m going to dabble back onto Twitch, I think. I’m going to build something so that we can nob about remotely with the others and not have to hear Addy complaining, except in chat. I’ve got a couple of ideas and I might test the waters a bit during tomorrow and see how it pans out, and see if we can’t have a ridiculous game of something along the way.

It’s something I have been meaning to do – I’m fairly sure I mentioned it at the end of last year, as part of the crushing defeat of 2019.

So what better time to sit down and dabble than the end of the god-damn world…


I’ll have a dabble tomorrow, maybe, while Caz is upstai… I mean, at work.