Mar 19, 2020: Homework

Today was Carole’s first day of working from home and, surprisingly, she stuck to the task in hand remarkably well.

It was very impressive to watch, or not watch, as she knuckled down in her study/office and set the University world to rights as I mooched about downstairs, made bread and played games.

She spent the morning shut away, but then the afternoon in my company – but still working. Which is how I got to experience Carole’s working day, but with the Director’s Comentary on.

Honestly, it was fine.

But every thing was narrated as it was being done. I knew when she was opening an email, or when she moved to another system. She assures me this is not how she is at work normally, but I’m not too sure. She just slipped into it so well, it seemed so natural for her to be announcing each move as she did it.

Oh and she had earplugs in to help her concentrate against the thud of next-door’s twatish mudic and, probably, the assumed pew-pew of laser fire from my corner of the room. Which I’d turned right down, so I could barely hear it, so Carole could concentrate without distraction. Because I’m a freaking legend.

So, because of her blocked ears, she was overly loud to compensate.

At one point she laughed at something and I almost went deaf myself. I’m going to have to get Health and Safety in, or Occupational Health, with a decibel meter to see if Carole working from home is a risk to my hearing…

Let’s see what day two brings…

… and pack my own earplugs, just in case.