Mar 20, 2020: Close

Let’s all take a moment to enjoy my moment of smug precognition today when, on leaving work, I decided not to put the batteries that we normally charge at the end of every day onto charge.

I did it because, as I left work, I wasn’t going to be in again – probably – until next Saturday.

I got home. I had tea.

I’m now not in work for the foreseeable future. Until everything settles down and we’ve flattened the curve.

High five for me. Now I’m sitting here with no job to go to because of global illness and not because the building has burned down due to a battery charger being on for over a week.

So, yes, that’s that. I’m out of work for now. Which is fine. Things are okay. I don’t need to fret about things. If anything, it gives me chance to do things without the potential to have to stop doing those things to go to work so, as Carole has laid out in her manifesto, we really have no excuse not to do the things.

And, as a side note, I have an obscene number of games sitting in my backlog pile. So I may as well start dealing with them as well, especially while Carole is working.

But we’ve also got the various ideas for electronic board game nights/days/evenings/afternoons/whatevers to put into place. As well as Twitch to bring us all together. And I’ve now been tasked with providing entertainment for the niece who’s having a hard time with everything. So it could be hours or playing hide-and-seek on Lego Marvel Superheroes or building things in Minecraft or whatever else needs to be done to bring a bit of joy to a sad and confused girl.

It’s a strange time we live in at the moment. It’s also, if you look at the stats, a depressing time. We’ve managed – through our “let’s get out there and twat it” approach to disease prevention – to have a higher death rate over a two week period than China. Yaay, we’re world leaders.

In fuckwittery. But still, we’re number one.

So, yeah, eventually the things that should have been done have been done. It’s shit for me because I’m not working now, and Carole’s worried because I was surprisingly perky about it. But it’ll be alright.

And I was only perky because I knew that Saturday would be spent with one eye on my phone expecting something to come in at some level of short notice, but that now that won’t happen. It’s kind of a like a burden that was never a burden has been lifted. It’s weird.

I’ll probably start freaking out tomorrow…